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Explore the power of Data!

using data as leverage to let you understand, predict and accelerate

We help you measure the things that matter , empowering you to make better decisions

aeth Analytica Advantage.

Improvising data to bring out the best of solutions and devising services that are truly personalized.

Innovative & Efficient

Become proactive, personalise your business services, optimize & improve operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

Predict future performances and spot potential issues, all by a holistic approach of data analytics powered by AI.

Information to Insights

We inspect and model data with the goal of discovering useful insights and informed conclusions.

Data-driven Services

Aeth has a suite of services designed to convert data into insights which helps to engage more effectively with your audiences.

E-commerce Development

Our expert e-commerce website designing and developers understand your business and design a scalable e-commerce solution as per your requireme

Data Integration

We develop a rich, holistic view of your customers' behavior by centralizing your data and enriching it with the data from other resources for customer acquisition and engagement.

Audience Segmentation

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to profile customer universes from these profiles we provide audience segmentations to create targetable groups of similar individuals.

Targeted Advertising

We promote your products and services to reach the best customers in the way to which they are most likely to respond. Our latest advancements in advertising technology ensure the right message gets to the right person.

Internet of Things

We define the right IoT landscape for you to kick start your IoT journey. A structured approach is taken to understand your business needs & offer quick ramp-up to discover your IoT needs & solutions.

Software Solutions

We offers a complete range of web & mobile application services, including initial prototyping, design, Android / iOS mobile development, as well as application backend and web infrastructure.

Data-Driven Products


Edutica is a artificial intelligence powered educational analytics system that will explore and bring forth the hidden talents of students and helps children grow into the best version of themselves! Its unique features include behaviour analysis, result analysis and more.

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XData is a powerful artificial intelligence powered Data analytical solution that will critically help to improve business performance of organizations. XData will increase profitability, reduce cost and help in faster decision making by converting data into insights.

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aethIoT integrate analytics and AI with a unique Internet of Things technology to enhance and improve your business just so much that your profit will soar high! AethIoT gives you the power to control, monitor, and analyse any electronic device or machine at your fingertips.

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Not only do we help clients systematize better decision making, we help them solve many specific problems using the power of data. We have the platform, processes, and people to keep up with the data deluge.

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